Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Compliance without the complexity.

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Protect your business and your team with workers’ comp.

Workers’ compensation insurance is critical for keeping your employees safe. We help you get covered easily with online enrollment and pay-as-you-go payments.

Online enrollment

Once you’ve added your employees to Gusto, you can apply for a policy in just a few clicks.

Pay-as-you-go payments

We withdraw exactly the correct amount for each pay period. Unlike with other providers, you’ll never have to make a lump sum payment.

Prevent audit bills

By integrating workers’ comp with payroll, you’re more likely to avoid data errors and costly audits.

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Get a workers’ comp policy... fast.

You can get an estimate for workers’ comp instantly, plus a final quote in just a day or two.

Instant estimate

Apply in just a few minutes and receive a price estimate right away.

Quick turnaround

Many companies will receive their final policy within one business day.

Digital signatures

You can do everything online, including digitally signing your policy.

The ultimate compliance checklist.

Gusto creates a list of legal requirements made specifically for your business. Then, we walk you through every step.

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Our checklist outlines key requirements, so you can check them off in quick succession.

Regularly updated

If a new requirement is added by federal, state or local agencies, we’ll send you an email and add it to your checklist.

Give us a call

Have a question about any requirement? Our compliance team knows this stuff inside out. (They’re a little nerdy.)

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