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When you use Gusto, your team’s hours, time off, and holidays are automatically calculated into payroll. No extra steps. No stress.

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Simple time tracking
time tracking
Paid time off
Time off requests
Holiday pay
Calendar sync
Simple time tracking
Simple time tracking

Track hourly work the easy way.

Hourly employees enter hours right in their account. Once a manager approves, you just click to sync to payroll.

People love how simple it is. But some businesses like restaurants and retail have complicated time tracking needs. If that’s you, check out our integrations.

Is simple time tracking right for you? Take a closer look at our time tracking tool and how it works.
Paid time off
Paid-time-off policies

PTO policies as unique as your team.

Customize your paid-time-off policies to fit your team’s needs. We’ll help you make sure you’re following your state’s sick time laws too.

Time off requests
Time-off requests

Give your team the time off they need.

Once your PTO policy is set, employees can submit vacation and sick days for approval - or managers can submit time-off on their behalf. It all syncs to calendars and payroll automatically.

Holiday pay icon
Holiday pay

Pick your holidays and pay your team.

Select from federal holidays or create your own custom holidays. They’ll be automatically approved and populated into payroll as default paid time off. Easy.

Calendar sync icon
Calendar sync

Key dates and tasks, always on your calendar.

Approved time off, key dates, and payroll reminders automatically populate on your favorite calendar — making it that much easier to tackle your to-do list.

We support Google, Outlook, and iCal.

Okay, let’s review

The best time tools? The ones that sync with payroll.

  • Track everything in one place.

    One password to remember. One place to manage it all. One click to sync with payroll.

  • Automate the most tedious tasks.

    See ya later, spreadsheets. We’ll automatically calculate your team’s wages and track time off.

  • Don’t sweat compliance details.

    Store wage records automatically and get help with compliance, overtime, and more.

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